Handmade DIY

My One and Only Clasp Bag

Wood handle, bronze frame

Proud to present to you my Bird’s Eye View Clasp Frame Bag!

Yes, I gave my bag this name to put more feeling into it and make the bag seem ALIVE πŸ™‚

I spent a lot of time preparing the materials and trying to get the design and sizes right. I decided to use a slip switch for the bag opening because it adds more vintage feel to the already vintage looking bag.

Close up on the slip switch opening

Even i felt that I accomplished a lot after finishing this bag.

Do feel free to share your opinions and stories of your craft pastime!

There is also a unique Painted Canvas Buckle Bag that I have made and will share it in my later posts. However, if you’d like to see it now, you can find it here:

You are welcome to take a look at my shop too:


Samsung A70 does not charge or react when plugged into laptop

Do you panic when you suddenly realise your phone does not charge?

To be truthful, I do panic. But I also try to find out as much as possible what might be the reason for the problem and if I can fix it myself first. Of course, without making the situation worse.

My old phone since university days

When you realise your phone is not charging, first check if the wire or charger heard, or even the socket is spoilt.

If all works, use a brush(a toothbrush) to brush the inside of the charging port in the port. Sometimes, dust collects in the port after a long time.

If charging still does not happen, check your ohone for malicious apps or downloads. Remove anything that might pose a threat to your phone. Restart your phone and try charging again.

In my experience, all that did not work for me. I was very anxious by now because I just bought the phone last year and it was probably just after warranty period had ended. I understand it can be quite costly to replace a screen.

My phone was now left with 5% battery left. I wanted to do a factory reset but as it required the phone to have at least 10% battery to do a factory reset, I had to manually do a hard reset on my phone.

After the hard reset, it still did not charge. Left demoralised, I let the phone battery drop till 0% and left the charger inserted and on even though it still did not work.

Fourty minutes later, still no reaction. With nothing left to lose, I shaked the phone hard for awhile. Anxious and upset with both myself and the phone, I hit the phone harf with my hand. I hit the top, left, right, bottom, the screen and the back. All with just my hand. Do not hit it on hard surface!

I plugged in the charger, and voila! My phone was charging like normal! I was so surprised and happy that I set back down in my chair suddenly clasped both hands together, closed my eyes and said a thank you prayer to God.

Yes, thank you dear Jesus, for giving me the wisdom to smack my phone with my hand;)

Everyone, please love your phone and treat it well. Don’t take it for granted that it will always work. Even if there is a phone case try not to drop it. Don’t let moisture get to it. Avoid high magnetic field areas. Let it rest once in awhile:)

Take care of your phone well, it will last for a long time. Look at my 5660 Galaxy πŸ“±!


Farm Tour Part 2

After the Goat Farm, we went on to a vegetable farm. It was the largest vegetable farm in Singapore called Bollywood Veggies. The guide introduced that the founder was a volleyball player who decided to start her own vegetable farm.

As we entered, we saw the huge space before us where acres of plants lived. I saw the Lipstick Plant (the red strawberry looking plant on the furthest right of the first collage), the yam plant (plant below the Lipstick plant in the collage, I love eating yam by the way:)) and many many other plants that are either blooming with fruits or are plants and roots that have healing effects.

In the second collage below, you can see the jackfruit, a fruit seen often in tropical countries, like South-East Asia. This fruit has a strong stench. Not many people can accept the taste. I hardly eat the jackfruit even though it tastes nice when it is in season. I actually prefer eating durians because I love the sweet creamy texture of the fruit. The durian has tons of vitamin in it too. Vitamins A-Z! πŸ˜€

The strange orange looking plant that looks like it has multiple fingers than a human would have (top right hand corner of the second collage) is called “Buddha’s Hands”. The flowers that you see in the second collage is from a nursery that we visited after Bollywood Veggies.

That was the end of our morning trip. Off we went for lunch! At a White Bee Hoon restaurant by the corner of a road, White Restaurant @ Jalan Tampang. I must say it really tasted good. You can smell the fragrance of the wok in the dish, which is a very good thing. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the lunch we had. It cost about $8.90 SGD for a medium sized plate. I would recommend eating the White Bee Hoon dish it is famous for and not the Hor Fun because it did not taste as good.

Handmade DIY

Jute tote with bamboo ring handles

Waterproof jute, this was an interesting material for me. I decided right away that I would make a bag out of it. A tote bag. But not just a tote, a jute tote.

Made of just a single type of material, I added felt embroidery. Gray leaves of different shades.

Comes with one inside pocket. I just finished another bucket bag recently. It is made from something that is really interesting. Stay tuned to find out what it is made from!


Farm Tour in Singapore–Part 1

Many might think, Singapore is a busy and commercialized city, so where are the natural farms? Are there actually any natural habitats in Singapore?

My answer, “Yes, of course there are!” They exist, although not many are left. Also, not everyone knows that these places exist. Including me!

I went on a farm tour recently with my family. The coach fetched us and it actually just took around 25-30 minutes to get there–Kranji, the area where many natural habitats and farms still exist.

Lots of greenery on the way to the farm. Guess where this is? Under the highway! Yes, the highway!

There used to be a chicken farm at Chua Chu Kang. When I was 7, my parents bought be a chick as a pet. A chick cost $2 back then. The chicken farm no longer exists. It has been gone for quite a few years, even more than a decade if I recall.

We entered first stop at a Goat Farm. There were so many goats and kids (here kids mean the young goats, not human kids :D)

I saw some billy goats scraping their horns against the tray. It seemed like they were trying to sharpen their horns. It was a very intriguing thing to see. You don’t get to see billy goats sharpen their horns everyday unless you live on a farm:)
I felt a bit sad for the goats too that they lived in an enclosed area. However, when I saw some of them enjoying the sun rays in a corner and some even sleeping with the sun shining directly on them I smiled. It seemed like they enjoyed the sun. Next, we went on to try goat milk! I had never tried it before and was extremely curious about how it would taste! Stayed tuned for the next episode!